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    1 April - 11 April
  • Host
    Yulia Chaplina


Coach House Pianos and Yulia Chaplina pay tribute to one of the world’s greatest composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, with a new series to celebrate his 250th anniversary.

Host Yulia Chaplina is joined by ten exciting guests to talk about Beethoven’s life, character and wonderful music.  

Every guest is an expert on Beethoven, having spent a significant part of their lives dedicated to the performance and research of his music and his life. 

Guests include legendary figures such as Alfred Brendel, John Suchet, Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Barry Cooper.  

All interviews were recorded during lockdowns in 2020.


· 1 April  9pm John Suchet: Author, Newsreader, Television Presenter, Musical Host on Classic FM (UK)

· 2 April 9pm Jessica Duchen: Writer, Presenter, Journalist

· 3 April 9pm David Waterman: Cellist, Member of The Endellion Quartet, Teacher

· 4 April 9pm Jean-Efflam Bavouzet: Concert Pianist

· 5 April 9pm Alfred Brendel: Concert Pianist, Poet, Author, Lecturer

· ‍6 April 9pm Pierre-Laurent Aimard: Concert Pianist

· 7 April 9pm Jonathan Biss: Concert Pianist, Writer, Teacher

· 8 April 9pm Melvyn Tan: Concert Pianist

· 9 April 9pm Marios Papadopoulos: Conductor, Founder & Music Director of Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra

· 10 April 9pm Barry Cooper: Musicologist, Composer, Organist, Beethoven Scholar, Editor of the Beethoven Compendium

· 11 April 9pm Masterclass on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 1 Movement with Yulia Chaplina




Beethoven: The Man Revealed with John Suchet
Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved with Jessica Duchen
Beethoven’s Isolation with David Waterman
The Power and The Tenderness of Beethoven’s Music with Jean-Efflam Bavouzet
The Legend with Alfred Brendel
Drama in Beethoven’s Music with Pierre-Laurent Aimard
Beethoven The Personality with Jonathan Biss
Beethoven on Historic Instruments with Melvyn Tan
Beethoven: The Conductor’s View with Marios Papadopoulos
Beethoven: The 10th Symphony with Barry Cooper
Masterclass on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 1 Movement with Yulia Chaplina

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